Examples of use by customers of Allplan Engineering with impressive visualizations.

Skyscraper with unconventional building geometry

Limmat Tower Dietikon, Switzerland

With the 80 meter high Limmat Tower, the Limmat Valley in Switzerland has its first skyscraper, which could become the landmark of the town of Dietikon, or the whole region. "The Limmat Tower stands for innovation, uniqueness and prospect," said Maik Neuhaus, head of development at Halter AG, at the turf-cutting ceremony in June 2013.

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Software-assisted planning competence assures high quality standard

MUCKINGENIEURE has an excellent track record when it comes to planning complex building structures using Allplan Engineering. 

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Shining debut for a new city quartier

Office building AVIATICA, Prague, Czech Republic

The former factory premises of aircraft engine manufacturer Waltrovka / Walter Engines is located in the district of Jinonice, in the fifth administrative department of Prague. Investment management group Penta Investments is planning to build a new city quarter with three office complexes (Aviatica, Dynamica and Mechanica) and various residential complexes on this 169,000 m² site in the coming years

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Aesthetic shell for regenerative energy

Hydroelectric power station, Kempten

The new run-of-the-river power plant on the Iller river at Kempten impresses the viewer with its dynamic, elegant form. The almost 100 meter long sculptural shell conjures up numerous associations: from whales or waves through to polished boulders. The power plant replaces a building from the 1950s and currently supplies around 4,000 households with a capacity of around 14 gigawatt hours per year.

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Redeveloped efficiently

A2 Freeway, Stansstad-Beckenried, Switzerland

For all those involved in the project, repairs to the 12-kilometer section of the A2 freeway between Stansstad and Beckenried is a particular challenge. Between 2013 and 2017, the section of road, which has been in use for 40 years, will be redeveloped in three construction stages at a cost of around 278 million francs.

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Overcoming boundaries

Aare bridge, Olten (SO) Switzerland

Olten has a new landmark: the Aare Bridge, which was given over to traffic in April 2013 as part of the "Olten Region Relief" (Entlastung Region Olten, ERO) project. Thanks to the 3D visualization, the planning association commissioned to manage the project were able to show that the main intersections of the static system could meet all requirements relating to the installation of reinforcements and pre-tensioning measures, despite their minimal dimensions.

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Island building

Three bridge project in Nijmegen, Netherlands

The Dutch in Nijmegen reveal just how sustainable and pioneering flood protection can be with an impressive project. Just across the border from Germany in the Lower Rhine, Europe's largest flood protection project is under construction. It is called "Ruimte voor de Waal" – literally "more room for the Waal" – and is intended to create more space for the biggest river in the Netherlands, the Waal.

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All wrapped up

Elephant house Zurich Zoo, Switzerland

The new Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park at Zurich Zoo is a fine example of the international change taking place in zoo philosophy: More space for elephants, more proximity for visitors. The new home for a family of eight elephants extends over an area of more than 11,000 m². This is approximately six times the size of the old facility and provides the animals with more space, more family life and more room for movement.

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