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Allplan Engineering is powerful BIM planning tool that supports the entire planning process in engineering and design offices, as well as construction companies


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The software’s particular strength lies in the three-dimensional general arrangement and reinforcement design. With this, the building construction is carried out in advance, so that discrepancies and conflicts are already visible in the planning phase. All the common interfaces are available to ensure smooth collaboration with planning partners. In conjunction with FRILO Structural Analysis or SCIA Engineer, you have an integrated solution for structural design. During the development of Allplan Engineering version 2017, the focus was on collaboration, automation and 3D modeling.

Allplan Engineering 2017

The new Task Board with direct connection to the open collaboration platform bim+ provides you with clear assignments and more transparency for interdisciplinary collaboration. The automation of recurring work steps is a very efficient way of saving time and eliminating the sources of error. To this end, the PythonParts have been integrated in Allplan Engineering 2017. These parametric objects help you to considerably speed up the planning of building engineering and infrastructure projects, for example. Finally, many new features have been implemented in the area of 3D modeling so you can create plans even more easily and make sure they are always up-to-date. As a result, Allplan is the ideal tool for your day-to-day work

Features 2017

All advantages of Allplan at a glance

BIM-aided design

Build virtually first, then in reality. In this way, errors and conflicts are detected even during the design phase, and delays in the construction can be avoided.

Diverse areas of use

Allplan Engineering is suitable for all types of construction projects, from simple to highly challenging ones, and for both buildings and civil engineering constructions.



Associative views

All changes are carried out only once and then automatically transferred to all the drawings. This helps you to avoid errors and saves time.

Optimale Teamarbeit

In connection with bim+, it is possible to reliably detect any inconsistencies and then to assign the resulting tasks conveniently to the relevant staff and design partners.



Seamless design process

AAllplan supports the entire design process in a single system – from the initial draft right through to the final general arrangement and reinforcement drawings.

Modeling without limits

The powerful Parasolid modeling kernel from Siemens gives you greater freedom when creating 3D models while also increasing precision and performance.



Impressive design documents

The powerful layout and design tools enable you to create high-quality design documents that make the value of your work clearly visible.



CAD and structural analysis

Structural/structural-analysis models and surveying results can be exchanged with FRILO Statik, SCIA Engineer, and other systems.

Reinforcement at the highest level

An integrated 3D model, complete with reinforcement, fixtures, and if necessary tendons, provides the highest possible design reliability and clarity.



Smooth data exchange

To ensure efficient data exchange, the software provides high-quality interfaces for all conventional exchange formats, including DWG, DXF, DGN, IFC, and PDF.



ALLPLAN Services

Allplan Support: As a member of our Allplan Serviceplus network, you always work with the latest version and also efficiently exploit all the options of your software. Wether you are administrator, architect, office manager or managing director: Our support teams answer your questions promptly, comprehensively and reliably.

Allplan Forum: With our international service portal Allplan Connect, you can take advan-tage of the expertise of the global Allplan community.


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Satisfied customers are the best proof of the reliability and quality of a company and its products. Our reference reports are a testament to our software’s capabilities.

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Allplan Engineering 2017 is perfectly tailored to engineers’ requirements. Experience the software’s capabilities – from the first draft through to the finished general arrangement and reinforcement design and with the ideal interplay between CAD and structural analysis – fully in line with the BIM method of working.

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  • Sets new standards for collaboration
  • Increases productivity and plan quality thanks to automated work processes
  • Greater stability & countless improvements

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*Survey of 1,006 Allplan customers and prospects in october and november 2016. In response to the question “Would you recommend Allplan to others?”, 96% said “Yes”.


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